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Are you ready?

Do you want to...

  • Improve your written fluency?

    To improve your writing, you need 2 things; Practice and corrections.

    This course gives you both! You will practice writing about different subjects and get detailed corrections on grammatical errors, natural alternatives and better ways to express your ideas. Helping you to write more clearly, confidently and effectively.

  • Learn different writing styles?

    In the Writing Sprint, we will practice lots of different styles, so you are proficient in every situation. Emails, reports, essay and complaints to a company, just to name a few.

    It's important to practice all different styles, so you are ready for anything!

  • Take your writing to the next level?

    With my help you will be able to find the perfect way to express your ideas and sound like a native speaker when you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).

    In 2 weeks, you will feel your confidence and writing skills grow more than you can imagine. A little time and a lot of progress!

Then, this is the perfect course for you!

In this 2-week course, you will have the chance to completely immerse yourself in the English language, make new friends and improve your writing skills in no time!

The best way to improve fluency is regular, consistent practice and that is exactly what this course offers! No time restrictions. You can post whenever you have time. Before work, in your lunch break or even when you are getting ready for bed. You are the boss!

There is a different topic each week to introduce you to new vocabulary, expressions, subjects and help build your confidence in lots of different situations. By writing English regularly and getting detailed corrections from me, your fluency will improve and you’ll be on your way to writing like a native speaker. Amazing results in a short period of time!

Each week, You will get...

  • 1 Writing Tip

    A unique video where I will share an amazing tip you can use to improve your writing instantly!

    Using my years of language learning and teaching experience to help you find new ways to look at your writing and try new techniques.

  • 2 Articles

    To improve your writing output, you need reading input. That's why you get 2 articles per week to give you inspiration and help you to find new phrases to use in your own writing.

    Each article is about the topic of the week, so the vocabulary and phrases will be perfect for your own answers. Take them, use them and write more!

  • 3 Assignments

    The most important part of writing is .... you guessed it.... writing!

    You will write 3 assignments each week about one subject to learn how to write about it in different ways and in different situations.

    Then, I give you detailed corrections, so you can find all your mistakes, improve your expressions and learn new ways to say exactly what you want to say!

You aren't alone!

But that's not all.

This is a group course, which means you are learning together. In the exclusive group, you will be able to talk to the other students, ask questions and see all their writing. Learning from each other. You even see their corrections so you have an almost unlimited supply of new English you can learn. Amazing, right?!

I have a very special price for you

You are amazing! That's why I have put together a special offer for you, so that you can make your dream of writing like a native speaker come true. Move over JK Rowling! There's going to be a new writer in town. Will it be you?

Standard price = $100 USD

Price for you$85 USD (a $15 saving) 

Enrolment is closed.

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See what students are saying about my other courses

But, don't just listen to me

“I have to admit that I was lacking motivation, I prefer to do anything instead of improving my English level. So if you are hesitating you don't need to, I promise you that this is not "another" English course. This is the right course to become a fluent English speaker and improve your skills.”

English Speaking Club

Gabriel M

“When I see myself recording the first video I can feel the evolution in confidence and how I’ve improved in being able to continue when I make mistakes. I couldn’t see the evolution day by day but the proof is the video time… they rose every week!! Another important thing I want to highlight is the topics. Each topic makes you think of a specific type of vocabulary and how you can elaborate the answer, so you expand your English speaking limits. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I am going to enrol in the next one!”

English Speaking Club

Enrique N

“You can immerse yourself in English with this course. As soon as you join this course, you will inevitably find yourself in an intensive English-speaking environment. This means this course makes itself a perfect opportunity to give your English stretch so that you can take it to the next level. Sam gives us detailed feedback about expressions and pronunciations for each speech you post, so with his help, you can make your English sound more natural quicker.”

English Speaking Club

Hirokazu T

Who am I?

Let's get to know each other a little better

Hello! I’m Sam from Discover Fluency. An English teacher, language lover and passionate foodie. My goal in life is to share my passion for languages and help people love learning languages as much as I do. Creating their own path towards fluency. I want to share all the tips and tricks I have learnt along the way, as a teacher and a language student, to help you see amazing results and take your language learning to the next level.

Sam Grigg

Language Coach


  • How does it work?

    Each week, there will be one subject to focus on. You will receive a video explaining a tip for improving your writing, two articles to read and three writing assignments. You write them and I will correct them for you.

  • When can I do it?

    Anytime! This is YOUR course and it’s completely flexible for you. In the morning before work, on your lunch break or at 2am when you can’t get to sleep. Whatever works in your schedule, you can take part as and when you get chance!

  • How big are the assignment?

    The maximum word limit for each is 750 words. The length will depend on the type of question and what you want to say.

  • How do I answer?

    You will write your answer in a word file or Google doc and send it to me in the Writing Sprint Group. I add corrections to the Google doc and send you an audio message explaining my overall tips to improve each essay.

  • What happens if I miss a day?

    No problem! You have 6 assignments in the course and they all need to be completed by the final day. If you miss a day, you can catch up later.

  • What level are the students?

    This course is aimed at intermediate to advanced students that want to increase their writing confidence, fluency and naturalness. The questions and documents will be challenging so it may be hard as a beginner. But, if you are willing to work hard and accept the challenge, then you are very welcome!

  • Can I speak to the other students?

    YES! This is a group course and speaking to each other is all part of the process. Have a chat, ask questions and read each other's assignments. You can all learn from each other and have fun together too!

Invest in yourself!

Think about the price for this course. $85 dollars for getting 2 writing tips to take your writing to the next level, 4 articles to inspire you and find new expressions to use, and 6 assignments with detailed corrections so you can learn from your mistakes. 

Correcting one assignment in a lesson would normally take 1 hour. Including the articles and tips that is over 8 hours of English learning for only $85 

That is less than $11 per hour. What amazing value!

And you have the $15 discount off the standard price, which you could even use to have a private session with me to boost your learning even more.

Believe in yourself and invest in your future. It is worth every penny!

Enrolment is closed.

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Are you ready to boost your English speaking forever?